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Free Tyre Fitting

30 May 2018

Free Tyre Fitting

Are your tyres safe to ride on?

Many people don't know that motorcycle tires aren't designed to last as long as car tires.

Motorcycle tire rubber is softer than car tire rubber because it has to be. A typical contact patch between your motorcycle tire and the pavement is about the size of a credit card. Hard tires are more likely to slip and slide, while soft rubber will grip the pavement. You need that grip to stay on your bike.

Barring anything obvious like a punctured or damaged tire, the first indication a rider usually gets that his or her tires are in need of replacing is a change in the feel of their rubber on the road or riding surface. Worn-out motorcycle tires will feel sloppier in the corners and lose traction more in twisties that you could get through easily in the past.

How Can we Help?

If you are feeling a difference in the performance of your bike then bring your ride into the team at Sunshine Coast Harley-Davidson®. When you purchase new tyres with us, we will fit and balance them free while you wait!

Enquire about new tyres or book your ride in now!

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