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Back to Brass for Harley-Davidson®

07 January 2018

Back to Brass for Harley-Davidson®

Brass and copper used to be common materials in motorcycles and now Harley-Davidson® is going brassy with its latest collection of accessories.

They will be available soon and are included in the annual bible-sized catalogue Harley-Davidson® Australia spokesman David Turney lovingly refers to as the “Big Book”.

“The collection is made from real, solid brass and as an alternative to chrome, adds a warm, hand-crafted look,” the historic car and bike fan says. 

“They’re also a living finish. Natural and while treated to slow the ageing process, each piece will age differently, taking on the characteristics of each rider and its use.”

Use of brass and copper is often referred to as Steampunk; a reference to 19th Century Jules Verne-style science fiction featuring steam-powered machinery.

each piece is pre-aged and protected with a renaissance wax that helps delay the natural ageing process.

The brass accessories will therefore appear different on each bike to which they are fitted and should make a production bike look more like a garage-built custom.

Unlike most Harley® accessories, there is minimal bar-and-shield branding to create a stripped down, custom look. Harley® also concentrated on making the parts easy to install.


Brass accessories include:

  • Air Cleaner Trim
  • Axle Nut Covers
  • Brake Pedal Pads
  • Derby Cover
  • Footpegs
  • Medallions
  • Shifter Pegs
  • Hand Grips
  • Headbolt Covers
  • Fuel Cap
  • Fuel Gauge, LED
  • Swingarm Pivot Bolt Covers
  • Tank Cover, Left hand
  • Timer Cover
  • Upper Fork Stem Covers

Prices range from $99 for an engine timer cover to $268 for the derby cover.

Talk to the team about how you can kit out your sweet new ride with the Brass Collection today!

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